TURFCLEAN provides a unique way to clean, sanitize and deodorize artificial turf surfaces through the use of a deep cleaning machine and a specialized blend of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our machine applies the cleaner while the rotating brush gets deep down into the turf loosing up the compacted dirt and pulling out the accumulated pet hair. Finally, the dirty water and any remaining cleaning solution are vacuumed up leaving a clean, sanitized surface that dries within minutes.


Artificial turf is designed with small holes for drainage, but without proper cleaning, these holes become clogged with dirt, debris and pet hair which then don’t allow the needed drainage these holes are in place for. Additionally, bacteria will grow and fester in these tiny spaces creating a surface that without proper cleaning, can become unsanitary to be on. Think about it, would you want your children or pets rolling around in a bacteria-filled grass surface?


Artificial turf is usually built on crush rock and sand base with small holes in the material to allow for drainage. When your pet urinates on the artificial turf, it is very likely that the urine run-off seeps through the grass, into the rock and sand and remains there. Once humidity or heat penetrates the turf, the uric acid crystals (the source of the urine smell) are activated and release a foul odor. Conventional cleaners and water alone will not break down the non-soluble uric acid crystals and they remain along with the odor. The spraying of our odor killing formulation in a way that gets deep into and beneath the turf to truly removes odors. This specialized formula includes several strains of natural digesters and state-of-the-art biodegradable wetting agents that combine to clean and control odors naturally. These digesters combine to break down and digest organic soils and odor created by food, humans, pets, and more. With over 50 billion “digesters” per quart, our odor eliminator quickly eats and digests protein soils and their related odors.


Turf cleaning frequency varies based on multiple factors including, if you have any pets or multiple pets, problems with odors, high versus low traffic on your turf, size of turf lawn, to name a few. TURFCLEAN will work with you to create a customized service package to fit your specific needs.


TURFCLEAN is perfect for residential settings, but also commercial locations as well, including pet care facilities, shopping centers, Homeowners Associations, community parks, schools and more. The artificial turf spaces in these settings will quickly fill with dirt, pet hair and pet waste. Regular turf cleaning will help remove these items and create a fresh, clean and sanitized surface for our beloved pets to run and play.


TURFCLEAN provides complete cleaning and surface hardness testing on all artificial turf sports fields.

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