Biodegradable formula with 7 Strains of Microbes & Billions of Enzymes. Eco-Friendly and Safe.

This is a unique biodegradable formula that uses nature’s enzymes to quickly breakdown the proteins and other contaminants found in artificial turf with additional enzymes that break down grease, starch and cellulose for complete and effective pet odor removal often found in residential artificial turf. Performance-enhancing additives help speed penetration to get beneath the turf surface where crystallized per urine hides.

TURFCLEAN Enzyme Formulation is made from renewable resource raw material ingredients and is considered readily biodegradable.

Our formulation has successfully been applied to many artificial turf surfaces in residential and commercial settings, including dog daycare facilities.

One Quart bottle – Apply 1 part Enzyme Formulation to 20 parts clean water.