Typically, if there is a spill on your carpet or the family pet has an accident indoors, immediately you grab a cleaning solution and work to remove the mess to keep your carpet clean, fresh and sanitized. Within a short time, your family is back playing on the floor with no worries.

Now what happens when there is a spill or your pet ventures outside to do their business on your artificial turf?  Do you consider cleaning, sanitizing and removing the germs? Without regular cleaning, dirt, debris and bacteria all build up on and below the surface of your artificial turf causing noticeable foul odors! Especially if you have pets.

Research points to increases in infections, such as Staph and MRSA, from similar artificial turf surfaces, typically sports playing fields, as these surfaces become covered in sweat and other bodily fluids. While most residential lawns and small business spaces are not as large or as highly trafficked as sports fields, the fact is bacteria, dirt and foul odors will fester if your turf is not cleaned regularly.


Dirt be gone!


With eco-friendly cleaning solutions


No more foul smell!

TURFCLEAN provides a unique way to clean, sanitize and deodorize artificial turf surfaces through the use of a deep cleaning machine and a specialized blend of eco-friendly cleaning solutions (using the wrong cleaning chemical may damage or discolor your turf). Installing artificial turf is a fantastic way to landscape your home and provides a great space for your children and pets to play and enjoy the outdoors. But have you stopped to think about what’s living and growing between the blades of that perfectly trimmed grass surface? Dirt, debris and bacteria all build up on and below the surface of your artificial turf and while often not seen, foul odors will let you know they are there!  If you have pets, you’ve probably experienced this. TURFCLEAN is here to help!